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2 Aug 2017

Everyone meet Hilda and Blondie, Park House Care Home in the Wirral’s newest residents.

Dave, one of the residents has been ensuring the hens have been settling in nicely, and was rewarded for all of his hard work when one of them produced their first eggs.

Rebecca Ashton, Home Manager, said: “The residents really enjoyed meeting Hilda and Blondie. The residents will benefit enormously from them and Park House feel s more like a home now that they’re here.

“I would recommend pet therapy like this, or even bringing animals into the home to visit, to anyone in the care sector. Animals can open a resident up in more ways than a person sometimes can. It doesn’t have to be a domesticated ‘safe’ pet either; there are places out there that bring in more exotic creatures for residents to handle.”

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2 Aug 2017

The harvest at Saintfield Lodge Care Home in Belfast this year has been a huge success. The residents who took part in the planting of the crops were all so proud of their green fingers.

Everyone at the home enjoyed the harvest as the Cook prepared a healthy organic dish with ingredients fresh from the garden including carrots, rhubarbs, cabbage, chillies, sugar snaps, potatoes, beetroots, spinach, tomatoes and herbs.

Saintfield Lodge was declared The Over-all Group Winner of the Garden for All Season 2012 and since then, the residents have always looked forward to the annual gardening and vegetable harvest.

“It’s amazing how gardening makes a difference to the resident’s well-being as such activities provide a sense of achievement and ownership”, said Home Manager Melanie Reyes

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1 Aug 2017

Residents from Dounemount Care Home in Macduff went and watched the thrill of the circus when they heard it had come to town.

Kay Robertson, Home Manager, said: “The residents wanted to do something a little different, and when they heard the circus was in town, they were quick to try and get tickets. Everyone had a fantastic time. They saw some spectacular sights, for example the acrobats, fireballs and some stunt motorbikes. It was definitely a fun day at the big top.”

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1 Aug 2017

The newly formed Ukulele Group at Tall Oaks Care Home in Stoke on Trent are going from strength to strength as they enjoy regular practice sessions.

Hannah Barrington-Parry Cahalane, Home Manager, said: “Some of our residents really like music and have a love for playing instruments. So the ukulele group was born, and sees residents, relatives and the local community coming in for a jam. I can’t wait to hear the first ever gig that these guys will do. It’s going to be great!”

Are you looking for a care home in Stoke on Trent? Tall Oaks Care Home offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care and end of life/palliative care.

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