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6 Feb 2017

A special card landed on the mat at Balmoral Care Home in Sheffield on 20th January 2017, as one of their residents celebrated turning 100.

Ethel celebrated her 100th year with her family, friends, care team and local Mayor.

Liza Murphy, Home Manager, said: “We all had a lovely day celebrating Ethel’s birthday. She had a fab time singing a song and eating lots of cake. When the Mayor turned up and surprised her, she was very humbled as she isn’t a lady known for liking a fuss.”

Everyone at Four Season’s wishes you many happy returns Ethel.


6 Feb 2017

The team at Comber Care Home in Comber has received an award after being recognised for their caring nature.

A ROCK award is a nationwide honour that specifically highlights the impact a Four Season Health Care employee has made on the lives of people living in one of their care homes. An internal prize, staff are nominated for an award by either residents, their relatives or friends, who have witnessed or experienced staff members demonstrating excellent standards of care and kindness in their role.

Anne Robertson, Home Manager said: “This award for the team here at Comber is very well deserved. I want to congratulate them on their success and thank them for all of their hard work and determination. I want to thank the family for taking the time to recognise the work the team does here at the home, and how they work hard to make a difference to our relatives’ lives day in day out.”

Are you looking for a care home in Comber? Comber Care Home provides support for all types of care including nursing care, respite care and end of life/palliative care.


6 Feb 2017

Pellon Care Centre in Halifax has 28 beds which Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) can use to help provide intermediate care to people in the local community. The service includes a multi-disciplinary team including dedicated nurses and carer from Four Seasons Health Care working alongside Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists from the CCG Rapid Response Team.

The reason for providing intermediate care in the Halifax area is to rehabilitate people who do not need to be in hospital, but need support before they can return to their own home. Each person that uses this service is fully supported so they can regain their independence.

Not sure if intermediate care is suitable for you or someone you know? Take a look at the below case study which explains the service we provide.

Case Study

A gentleman was admitted to Pellon Care Centre following a stay in hospital after having a stroke whilst on holiday. On admission to Pellon, the gentleman could only bear his own weight for a short time, so used a wheelchair as a way of being moved around. Following intensive physiotherapy, support from the occupational therapist and high quality care provided on a daily basis by the nurse and care team, the gentleman was discharged to his own home. By the time he was discharged, this gentleman was able to walk independently without aids.

Intermediate care is only a short term option to help get people out of hospital, but back on their feet before they return home.

The intermediate care service provided by Pellon Care Centre has proved highly successful. When the service was first suggested in 2012, the CCG only asked for 15 beds to be made available. They have now increased this limit with 28 beds now available for people to use. People who do utilise this service stay at the home for an average of 44 days, with the majority of those discharged back to their own home.

More information about the intermediate care service that we provide can be found on our website.


1 Feb 2017

We’ll be launching the 2017 Four Seasons Care Awards in the summer. In the meantime, we thought it would be nice to catch up with some of the winners of last year’s awards, to see what it’s been like since they’ve gone back to the floor.

This week we’ll be focusing on Gail Starling, Home Manager at Warrior Park Care Home in Hartlepool who won the Care Home Manager accolade.

Gail has only been with the organisation for 12 months, and what a 12 months it has been. Gail and the team at Warrior Park have been working hard to become the best team in the homes, making a difference on a daily basis to the lives of the people in their care.

Gail likened her win to that of winning an Oscar. She told us: “On the night it was fantastic, all my peers were there and everyone in my region was so thrilled to have a local winner. I can’t get over how happy people were for me. Vicky [Home Manager at Westview Lodge] bought me a bouquet of flowers to celebrate my success.

“The Care Quality Commission has also been very complimentary. The Local Commissioners were thrilled to hear that a Hartlepool Manager had won.”

Since winning her award, Gail and the team have launched straight into implementing the Dementia Care Framework.

“I love all of the new training that the Dementia Care Framework provides the whole team in the home,” said Gail. “We’ve also been piloting some delirium training for care homes from the local trust, so it’s been all go since the awards ceremony in December.”

Everything Gail does is for her residents and the care team. She understands that making a difference and providing special experiences for those in her care is very important. These virtues are something she instills in her team.

Always leading from the front, Gail and her family recently went on a sponsored walk, trekking 15.8 miles, raising £200. This money was used to buy an iPad that residents can use to communicate with their families via Skype. Its actions like these which showcase how Gail lives and breathes the Four Seasons company values, and always has the well-being of the people in her care at the forefront of everything she does.

Information about Four Seasons Care Awards 2016 is available on the awards section of our website.

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