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28 Jul 2017

A little piece of history brought back many memories for John from his RAF days as he was waiting to return to Churchfield Care Home in Mansfield.

Katherine Davies, Home Manager, explained: “John is very passionate about his career in the RAF and loves sharing his stories with people. He saw an old uniform which soldiers used to wear back in the day, and that took him back to his youth. John never realised this little piece of history was at the local hospital and is looking forward to going to see it again next time he passes.”

Are you looking for a care home in Mansfield? Churchfield Care Home offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, specialist care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


28 Jul 2017

Residents and the care team from Hillside Lodge in Berwick-upon-Tweed have been making most of the summer weather and indulging in a number of trips.

Vanessa Pepper, Home Manager, said: “The residents have enjoyed a trip to Eyemouth, before going on to a local garden centre for lunch. They visited the Heavy Horse Centre’s Lavender Tea Room for tea and cake, before their last trip to Holy Island. It’s always fun to see the residents getting out and about. Just because you’re in a home doesn’t mean life stops.”

Are you looking for a care home in Berwick-upon-Tweed? Hillside Lodge Care Home offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


28 Jul 2017

Residents from Alexandra Care Home in Newton-le-Willows were invited to the opening of a local supermarket, where they met Olympic Gold medallist Matthew Langridge, a member of the rowing team.

Karen Fitzgerald, Home Manager, explained: “Matthew brought his gold medal to the opening, and gave all of the residents a chance to hold it and wear it. One of the residents remarked how heavy the medal was, and was happy to give it back to Matthew. Once the store was officially opened the residents returned home, and enjoyed an afternoon of sport whilst tucking into some strawberries and cream.”

Are you looking for a care home in Newton-le-Willows? Alexandra Care Home offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care, intermediate care and specialist care.


28 Jul 2017

When Four Seasons Health Care’s Marketing Team put out a call that they wanted to make a difference to a care home in a single day, Granby Rose Care Home in Harrogate heeded their call.

They called the team in to ask for help in transforming their garden and courtyard area.

Pamela Rowe, Home Manager at Granby Rose, said: “We called the team in and asked them to help us create a sensory garden for residents and their families to enjoy throughout the summer. It’s safe to say they did a great job.”

After surveying the amount of work , Sales and Marketing Director Charlotte Oppong-Agyare set her team to work mowing, hoeing, strimming, clipping, cleaning, weeding, planting and painting.

Charlotte Oppong-Agyare said: “The team worked really well together to transform the garden and the courtyard. This was a great way to bring the marketing team together and live one of our company values of Making a Difference and contribute to the wellbeing of some of our residents in one of our care homes.”

Once the team had downed tools for the day, and added the final finishing touches, residents, relatives and some of the care team came and checked their handiwork. Some inspected the garden very thoroughly whilst others sat in the courtyard admiring the new vegetable patch.

One relative took the time to thank the team, saying: “I can’t believe the difference you’ve made. On behalf of all the residents and the relatives here I want to thank you. You’ve made a huge difference.”


27 Jul 2017

Hopes Green Care Home in South Benfleet has been accredited for a pioneering dementia care approach.

The care team at Hopes Green Care Home is celebrating being accredited for a radically different approach of care for people living with dementia.

The Dementia Care Framework is a unique step forward in the personalisation of care for people living with dementia. The care team uses exclusive purpose-designed technology to help build and continuously update a picture of each resident’s individual experience of their care and their physical, psychological and emotional well-being, so that their care can be adjusted to their changing needs.

The pioneering home is part of Four Seasons Health Care which spent two years developing and testing the new approach. The home hosted an event for care commissioners, other health and social care professionals and relatives to introduce the Dementia Care Framework to them.

Marjorie Condacos, Managing Director for Four Seasons in the South East of England said: “This is next generation dementia care to make life better for the person with dementia and we are excited to offer it. A vital part of the Framework is the bespoke support and training the team throughout the home receives with additional support and training for those, working within our dementia services. This goes beyond the practicalities of caring for someone with dementia and through simulation gives them a deeper understanding of what it is like to live with dementia.”

In addition to the support and training, there are three additional components to the Dementia Care Framework – personal care reviews, Resident and Family Charters.

At the heart of the Dementia Care Framework is a personal care review process which is continuously updated electronically by care staff to give a comprehensive and current picture of each resident.

Thought to be the first of its type worldwide, it is based on 320 recognised standards, including NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and Alzheimer’s Society best practice guidance. It replaces paper-based audits that are slow and almost always behind the changing care needs of the person.

The resident and family charters were developed in consultation with residents, family members, health and social care professionals and care teams, taking account of over 400 comments.

The resident charter sets out their rights, the standards of care they can expect and commitment to provide for their personal needs and preferences.

The family charter, sets out the support that they can expect to receive and how they can input to planning their relative’s care.

Only when a home achieves key standards within the Dementia Care Framework does it receive Four Seasons Accreditation for the quality of its dementia care.

To find out more about this fundamentally different approach to dementia care please visit carehomes.fshc.co.uk/dcf or email dementiacare@fshc.co.uk

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