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7 Jun 2017

A family has taken the time to thank the team at Hesslewood House Care Home in Hessle for the care and kindness they showed to their loved one.

Mr Masson’s family took the time to write some words of thanks to the team. They wrote: “This is just a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you for the outstanding care and compassion you gave to our dad and the understanding you showed us at a very difficult and emotional time. We cannot thank you enough and truly appreciate your kind actions and words over the past month.

Kate Wilson, Home Manager, said: “I’m very humbled to hear these kind words and I’m very proud of the team here. For many people, going into care is just a job, however, we all know we can make a huge difference to the residents and their relatives on a daily basis.”

Are you looking for a care home in Hessle? Hesslewood House offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, specialist care and end of life/palliative care.


7 Jun 2017

Residents from Dounemount Care Home in Macduff enjoyed a little bit of vintage as they joined with other homes to raise awareness of the symptoms of Alzheimers.

Kay Robertson, Home Manager, said: “Everyone had a fantastic time. They enjoyed tucking into the afternoon tea, before taking time to enjoy some dancing. It was all for a good cause which made it even better.”

Are you looking for a care home in Macduff? Dounemount offers support for all types of care including residential care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and specialist care.


7 Jun 2017

Seeing loved ones is something everyone looks forward to. However, for children who are off to see family members, after the initial fuss has gone boredom can soon start seeping in.

In Darlington, the team at Riverside View Care Home have created a ‘kiddie corner’ full of fun things to keep youngsters occupied.

Claire Westmorland, Home Manager, said: “Children are always welcome here at Riverside View. However, we wanted to do something for them to help make their visit special. So ‘Kiddie Corner’ was born. This has gone down really well with the children and their families. Who said care homes were dull?”

One of the first children to take advantage of this new corner, was Archie who came to visit his great grandad. Archie visits him daily as he loves to see everyone. He dressed up in his fireman's outfit to have a photograph taken in our Wigwam which is new to the home, we have called this Riverside's Den a new addition to our kiddies corner.

Are you looking for a care home in Darlington? Riverside View offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, respite care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.


6 Jun 2017

North Court Care Home in Bury St Edmunds recently celebrated Dementia Awareness Week with a host of events for the residents and their families.

The week began with a trip to Abbeygate Cinema to a dementia friendly showing of the musical Grease which was also a sing a long version so everyone could join in and have a lovely time. Staff at the cinema were wonderful and really made the whole outing an exceptional treat.

On Wednesday, 17th May North Courts Memory Lane Tearoom commemorated its first year anniversary and a party was held in celebration. Bucks Fizz and lots of delicious cake along with music from yesteryear!

The week of celebrations ended on Saturday 20th May with the residents’ yearly trip to Felixstowe. This is always a very popular and enjoyable event and once again the sun shone, fish and chips were enjoyed followed by delicious ice cream!

Activities leader, Sharon Coakley, said: “We have had a fabulous week and it is so rewarding and satisfying to see our residents enjoy themselves. All the team at North Court know that what we do is so important and work together to make a difference to our residents lives is what we strive to do on a daily basis.”

Are you looking for a care home in Bury St Edmunds? North Court offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, specialist care and end of life/palliative care.


6 Jun 2017

Relatives, friends and Health Care Professionals from Wallsend have been given a simulated experience of dementia to increase their understanding of the condition and empathy for people who are living with it. The dementia experience was run in Howdon Care Centre by care home operator Four Seasons Health Care who are leading providers of specialist dementia care.

Ruth Todd, Home Manager, who arranged for the dementia experience sessions, said: “With the increasing incidence of dementia, as people are living longer, it is important to promote public understanding of the condition, to support people who are living with it to lead happy and reasonably independent lives and to remain an active part of their community for as long as possible. We’re delighted that we can people who regularly come to the home wanted to take part in the experience.”

The Four Seasons Dementia Experience, which gives participants a sense of what living with dementia, might be like. It simulates the sensory and cognitive impairments and the associated frustrations and emotional effects.

Ruth Todd, Home Manager, added: “The experience was a real success, with people saying that they’ve had their eyes opened to what it’s like living with dementia..”

The Dementia Experience is part of the support and development all Four Seasons colleagues receive as part of its new generation of dementia care called the Dementia Care Framework. This pioneering approach is a unique step forward in the personalisation of care for people living with dementia. It builds on accepted best practice and uses advanced technology to support care teams to build and continuously update a picture of each resident’s physical, clinical, psychological and emotional well-being and their day to day experiences so that their care can be adjusted to their changing needs. It encompasses 320 recognised standards, including NICE Guidelines and Alzheimer’s Society best practice – and it’s thought to be world first

The Dementia Care Framework also includes resident and family charters. The resident charter sets out their rights, the standards of care they can expect and our commitment to provide for their personal needs and preferences. The family charter, sets out the support that they can expect to receive and how they can input to planning their relative’s care. They were produced following a consultation exercise that resulted in over 450 comments from residents, family members, health and social care professionals and care teams.

Are you looking for a care home in Wallsend? Howdon Care Centre offers support for residential care, end of life/palliative care, intermediate care and day care.

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