Care home introduces range of activities products designed for people living with dementia
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Care home introduces range of activities products designed for people living with dementia

Sunbridge Care Home in Edmonton is introducing a suite of activities products specifically for people living with dementia, which are designed to be enjoyable while helping to keep people interested, engaged and active.

Deepak Luckhun, Home Manager, is offering anyone in the community who has a family member with dementia, or professionals working with people with dementia, to make an appointment to visit the home to see the activities products for themselves.

Sunbridge is run by Four Seasons Health Care, the UK’s largest independent elderly care provider and a leader in dementia care, which is partnering with Active Minds, award-winning specialists in designing activity products for people with dementia. Four Seasons will introduce a full suite of Active Minds activity products into more than 300 of its care homes and will monitor how this improves the day to day experience for people living with dementia. The two organisations also plan to collaborate, bringing together their respective understanding of dementia care, to develop innovative new activity products.

People living with dementia often face additional challenges when it comes to activities. Deterioration of cognitive, dexterity and visual abilities may mean regular activities products such as puzzles and games become too challenging and can cause frustration. The suite of Active Minds products for people with dementia that Four Seasons is introducing into its dementia care homes includes art activities, puzzles and games, reminiscence activities, sensory products and exercise activities.

Sunbridge has achieved accreditation as a specialist Four Seasons Dementia Care Framework home.

Deepak Luckhun said: “With the right support the person with dementia can enjoy a good life experience and the effects of dementia progression may be slowed. That is what our Dementia Care Framework is designed to achieve. Activities can play an important part in giving people a good experience and making them happy, so the Active Minds specialist products are a good fit.”

Four Seasons Health Care’s Dementia Care Framework is a unique step forward in the personalisation of care. It has purpose-designed technology to support care teams to audit each resident’s physical condition, clinical needs, dietary requirements as well as their psychological and emotional condition and their day to day experience, so that care can be adjusted to their changing needs. It is being rolled out to all Four Seasons homes as each one completes the training and accreditation process. Training in the new approach includes a simulated experience of dementia, with the sensory and cognitive impairments, difficulties with communicating, perplexity when performing simple tasks and the emotional effects that may follow. This gives the team at Sunbridge an understanding of the condition and an insight into the perspective of the person living with dementia.

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30 Mar 2017

Charlie a resident at North Merchiston Care Home in Edinburgh has taken part in a film project alongside four other residents from the home.

Director Duncan Cowles, encouraged Charlie to take control of his own filming day, creating a final film that she’d be proud of.

The result of Charlie and Duncan’s video can be seen below.

Mike Heard, Home Manager, said: “Charlie and the other residents who took part in this project really enjoyed themselves. It was their chance to ‘get to grips’ with modern technology whilst sharing their stories to a wider audience. Duncan’s videos are an insight into some of the colourful characters we have here at North Merchiston. Charlie still has a sparkle in his eye, a love for reading and Hearts FC, as the film shows. He made everyone giggle when we realised the title of his film was ‘Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut’. That’s a very Charlie thing to say. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as the residents enjoyed making them.”

Are you looking for a care home in Edinburgh? North Merchiston offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care and nursing care.


30 Mar 2017

On Monday 27th March 2017 Four Seasons scooped the ‘Flu Fighter Social Care Award’ at the prestigious Flu Fighter awards.

The Flu Fighter award celebrate the great achievements of flu teams and organisations who promote the importance of flu vaccinations to everyone in their organisation.

Four Seasons was shortlisted for the ‘Social Care Award’ after being nominated following the success of the internal Flu and You campaign. Before being presented with the award, Daniel Mortimer, Chief Executive for NHS Employers said: “Four Seasons Heath Care launched its campaign with the goal of reducing the occurrence of flu in its colleagues. They created leaflets and flu packs that provided details about the importance of the flu vaccination and how to get vaccinated. This worked really well and they had an extra 1,600 colleagues vaccinated, which increased uptake by 22% this season. Well done.”


30 Mar 2017

The team at Havencourt Care Home in Stonehaven came together to celebrate three colleagues qualification success, as they’ve continued to develop in their professional career.

Sarah-Ann Craig and Lavinia Pirnuta have both successfully completed a 12 week course which has resulted in them qualifying as Senior Nurse Care Assistants, meaning they can help the nurses in Havencourt complete some of their tasks. Iwona Lutchman also completed her Scottish Vocational Qualification Level 2, which is also a fantastic achievement.

Sylvia Nicoll, Regional Manager for Four Seasons in the Grampian area, said: “I want to congratulate these three ladies on all of their hard work and dedication. The new skills they’ve learnt will have a huge impact not only on their careers but also for the people they care for. Well done again ladies.”

Rhona McGregor, Home Manager, said: “I’m very proud of Sarah-Ann, Lavinia and Iwona. They’ve worked really hard and thoroughly deserve this recognition. Well done ladies. I know the residents are looking forward to seeing you putting your new skills into practice.”

Are you looking for a care home in Stonehaven? Havencourt offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, end of life/palliative care, specialist care and intermediate care.


30 Mar 2017

Residents, relatives and the care team at Churchfield Care Home in Mansfield had a ‘flipping’ good time as they tucked into some lovely pancakes.

Katherine Davies, Home Manager, said: “Everyone enjoyed the pancakes. The flipping may not have gone according to plan, but they tasted fine all the same.”

Are you looking for a care home in Mansfield? Churchfield offers support for all types of care including residential care, dementia care, nursing care, respite care, specialist care, end of life/palliative care and intermediate care.

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