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Intermediate Care Service in Halifax

Pellon Care Centre in Halifax has 28 beds which Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) can use to help provide intermediate care to people in the local community. The service includes a multi-disciplinary team including dedicated nurses and carer from Four Seasons Health Care working alongside Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists from the CCG Rapid Response Team.

The reason for providing intermediate care in the Halifax area is to rehabilitate people who do not need to be in hospital, but need support before they can return to their own home. Each person that uses this service is fully supported so they can regain their independence.

Not sure if intermediate care is suitable for you or someone you know? Take a look at the below case study which explains the service we provide.

Case Study

A gentleman was admitted to Pellon Care Centre following a stay in hospital after having a stroke whilst on holiday. On admission to Pellon, the gentleman could only bear his own weight for a short time, so used a wheelchair as a way of being moved around. Following intensive physiotherapy, support from the occupational therapist and high quality care provided on a daily basis by the nurse and care team, the gentleman was discharged to his own home. By the time he was discharged, this gentleman was able to walk independently without aids.

Intermediate care is only a short term option to help get people out of hospital, but back on their feet before they return home.

The intermediate care service provided by Pellon Care Centre has proved highly successful. When the service was first suggested in 2012, the CCG only asked for 15 beds to be made available. They have now increased this limit with 28 beds now available for people to use. People who do utilise this service stay at the home for an average of 44 days, with the majority of those discharged back to their own home.

More information about the intermediate care service that we provide can be found on our website.

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