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A breath of fresh air

Spending time outdoors and having a relaxing wander is good for the soul. It lifts our mood and offers a whole host of health benefits.

We believe that getting out into the fresh air should be a regular and enjoyable experience. That’s why we put just as much consideration into the outdoor spaces as the care homes themselves.

The Magic Moments Together team ‘take the magic outdoors’ wherever possible and whatever the weather. Making the most of sunny days or April showers, our residents are encouraged to enjoy beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces. We also support our residents’ interests in nature and gardening or even just helping them chill out with a cuppa whilst enjoying the view.

Throughout July and August our residents are celebrating the joys of summer. As part of this many of our care homes are planning to create their own pocket gardens with beautiful plants, flowers and herbs to attract wildlife and create a sensory experience.

Click here to discover how to create your very own pocket garden.

Nature Watch Activities

Getting close to nature by doing a little gardening or bird watching can really lift the spirits, so we are working with local organisations and communities to make even more of activities in our gardens. This is all part of our ‘Fresh Air Strategy’!

All residents are encouraged to join in helping to create environments that entice birds, hedgehogs, bees and butterflies into the garden. Last year we did this by offering our homes and local communities free pots of wildflower seeds – it was wonderful to see how a handful of seeds can make such a difference to our immediate habitat. 

Remember to always Bee kind

This year it’s the turn of our buzzy friends the bumblebees. At this time of year these clever creatures are already looking for food and a shelter to make a home for the coming months.

Click here to discover more about these fascinating creatures and for our Bumble Bee Fact File that includes how to create the perfect bee hotel.

Why is walking important in later life?

Walking is one of the best types of exercise in retirement as it’s so gentle that most people can do it, regardless of their level of fitness. It doesn’t wear out the joints, which is important for those with arthritis, but it does strengthen important muscles in the legs, hips, and abdominals.

Retirees who walk on a regular basis are less susceptible to health problems like heart disease and osteoporosis, they’re less likely to suffer falls, and they’re more likely to maintain their independence and happiness as time goes on.

Walk ‘N’ Talk Club

Our walking club is called Walk ‘N Talk and is an important part of our Magic Moments Together activities programme. Each Four Seasons Health Care home has introduced a set time in the week or month where the focus is on walking. This may involve the use of a wheelchair or taking a ‘virtual’ walk from the comfort of a chair or bed but the emphasis is the same - engagement and relaxation!

Walking with a destination in mind

Walking can be more fun if you’re actually going somewhere specific. A few ideas might include a stroll to a nearby cafe, a farmer’s market, or a local garden centre. These types of destinations are perfect for all levels of mobility amongst our residents and can be an enjoyable change of scene.

Taking a walk in nature

Spending more time in nature is healthy for the body and the soul. It’s calming and invigorating, and it can even improve long-term health outcomes. We change up our walks by taking our residents to a local park, nature preserve or even to a nearby woodland with suitable pathways.

And a little light refreshment along the way never goes amiss. The walk will feel like nothing when there’s a picnic basket of fresh produce or a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake waiting at the end of it!

Do you have any favourite walks nearby that we could include in our itinerary?

Why not drop us a line with your favourite walk suggestions that you think will be of interest to our residents – get in touch with us at:

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