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A giggle and a wiggle to celebrate Laughter and Sunshine

Knock knock. Who’s there? Mustache. Mustache who? Mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later!

Residents across our Four Seasons Care Homes have been dusting off their best (and worst) knock-knock jokes to help celebrate World Laughter Day.

As part of our Q2 event Laughter and Sunshine, residents have organised their very own comedy clubs, will be taking part in laughter yoga (tickling may be included) and the teams have already started sharing their funniest stories!

At Croxteth Park Care Home, Art Club has started making crafts and wall decorations for Laughter and Sunshine week. They used brightly coloured paints as bright colours make people happy and smile. As Art Club got to work, they quickly caught the giggles as everyone shared funny stories of their younger days with one another!

Residents have been working hard to spread happiness and laughter at Osborne Court Care Home as they have designed a Laughter and Sunshine wall. The wall is decorated with flowers, butterflies and other paintings that make the residents smile. They also included their favourite jokes so that anyone walking past can read the wall and smile! 

A key to a healthy heart is good food, good music and lots of laughing. Residents at Park House Care Home have found the key and have been using it to celebrate Laughter and Sunshine week. They enjoyed cakes in the garden whilst listening to soothing music and sharing their best jokes!

Resident Muriel won the joke competition, she kept everyone laughing, her joke which got the best reaction was, “You ask why I hold my finger up like this… because I’m very posh!”

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