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Benefits of baking in later years

There’s no doubt about it, Britain is a cake eating country and in our Four Seasons home’s it’s a real focus point, especially when served with a refreshing cup of tea!

Our residents don’t just like to eat cake, many also enjoy creating their own cakes and bakes. From chocolate brownies to treacle tart, lots of our residents enjoy nothing more than an afternoon baking, to relax and unwind as well as create some culinary masterpieces.

Food is extremely emotive and for many of our residents it triggers positive memories of celebration or familiarity of family. Whether it’s memories of cooking with family or baking treats for loved ones, the smell of fresh bread or cakes is a powerful trigger. The satisfaction of a sweet treat creates a good feeling along with the smells of home baking that help create the right ambience.

Some of those in their later years can lose their appetites, meaning that mealtimes can be a struggle. However, as baking stimulates the senses and it can be an effective tool for encouraging people to begin enjoying food again. The sound of the blender, the feel of the flour, the smell of baking cakes - these experiences help to stimulate the senses.

So it turns out you can have your cake and eat it too!

Here at Four Seasons Health Care, we ensure our residents reap the benefits of baking and enjoying a slice of cake by running regular baking sessions as part of our Magic Moments Together activities programme.

* Some photography was taken prior to the pandemic.

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