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Bowling at Granby Rose

The team at Granby Rose Care Home know how important gentle exercise is for the people they care for and so they aim to make exercise as engaging as possible, to encourage as many less active or able people as possible to take up physical activity and get involved. Gentle exercise can help people living with dementia by improving self-sufficiency, self-confidence and cognition and can also help to build or maintain muscle strength and balance. All this aids people living with dementia to maintain a level of independence. Sports such as bowling and ball games are especially adapted to fit the needs and abilities of our residents and this helps to keep everyone active as well as sstrengthening social ties.

Our residents are a competitive bunch and love our bowling sessions on rainy Yorkshire days as well as playing ball games together. It’s so lovely to have the everyone joining in, working together as a team playing catch while having fun. Just one thing to remember…. did your granny ever tell you not to play with the ball in the house? There’s a reason for that! We all had a brilliant time!

Resident, Brian, said “I really enjoyed that but more because I won!”

Our Home Manager, Gill, said “Our residents love to join in with ball games. It keeps them engaged and physically active and there’s always lots of competitiveness amongst the gents.”

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