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Golden Toes enjoys some Twinkle Toes

Providing special meaning activities is something that Personal Activities Leader Tasha Corbett, from Bracknell Care Home in Bracknell specialises in.

One of these special experiences made a real difference to Peter and his family’s life at the home.

Tasha Corbett, explains: “Peter is one of our lovely residents here, and after getting to know him I discovered that in his younger days he used to be a very keen ballroom dancer. So in his honour I arranged our ‘Golden Toes’ event and welcomed in some dancers to help take Peter back to his twinkle toe years. Peter was in his element and enjoyed reminiscing on one of the fondest times of his life.

“It was a real joy not only for Peter and his family, but the other residents and relatives that came to the event. You could see from everyone’s face that this activity made a real difference to their lives.”

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