Christmas poetry club at Hallgarth

Hallgarth poetry club meets on alternate Wednesdays through the year and during the Christmas period the afternoons become even busier and more special.

This week, with a favourite carol sung between each poem, it was a very festive afternoon of poetry, music and recalling the fun memories of childhood and growing families at this special time of year. There was talk of how celebrating Christmas has changed over the years, and how mince pies have become tastier! The group also discussed vegetarianism after reading Benjamin Zephaniah's poem, 'Talking Turkeys' which suggests that turkeys just want to have fun! 

One of the group's favourite Christmas poems is 'A Little Carol' by Helen Morgan:

Mary had a baby one night in Bethlehem
Three wise men went to see her, taking gifts with them
They made a special journey, star-led from distant lands
But first to visit Mary, were the men with careful hands
God sent three quiet shepherds, before he sent the kings
For they were used to handling little newborn things.



Date published: 19 December 2018

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