Dance in Care Homes

We were pleased to learn that the NHS is to promote dance classes for elderly as a fun way of promoting health and exercise.

Dance events are regularly held in our care and nursing homes as a way to promote well-being, build confidence and engage with our local communities. They are an important way of promoting well-being whilst encouraging friendships and having fun.

This article shares some of the ways in which our care teams regularly host dance activities for residents and their families.

Tea Dance

Often, the desire to dance can lead to residents engaging with the local community, away from their care or nursing home.

That's certainly the case in Aberdeen, where The Beach Ballroom is host to a regular tea dance enjoyed by elderly people from the local community. Promoted by Aberdeen City Council’s Wellbeing Group, the tea dance promotes exercise, well-being and is a popular event for residents from Laurels Lodge Care Home.

The Well-being Group has opened further opportunities for residents to be involved in the local community whilst, The Beach Ballroom, which hosts the dance event, is well-known among many residents as a historical and popular venue, rekindling fond memories of times gone by.

"Oh how I enjoyed dancing here on a Saturday night."

Sandra, Laurels Lodge Care Home

Seated Dance

But what can residents enjoy should their physical capabilities be constrained?

Seated dance has been developed specifically to be inclusive of all abilities, providing an option for exercise for all. There’s no ‘dabbing’ or hip hop but residents are able to partcipate, exercise, and build their confidence, strength, and posture.

Natsayi Dunira, Bracknell Care Home Manager, adds: “Seated dance helps the residents feel like they can be young again as well as providing fond memories and exercise.”

Community Engagement

Engaging with their local community is a common theme for our residents. Changing from their usual venue. residents from Grosvenor Park swapped their dance hall for their market square. Residents, colleagues locals joined in, creating a real community feel to the day. Angela Hird, Care Home Manager, commented: “The residents really enjoyed themselves and loved this opportunity to get up and dance.”

Entertainment in Care Homes

Inviting entertainers into a care home can offer further variety to the residents and relatives. Recently, the care team at Kilburn Care Home in Belper, invited local musician John West to into the care home. Residents and relatives enjoyed a fun afternoon of singing and dancing.

Lisa Tungate, Home Manager, said: “The lounge was full of people showing off their moves. John played the waltz as the last song of the day, and the residents certainly put everyone else to shame. It was a great afternoon and the residents are looking forward to doing it again.”

For further details of activities promoted by our care teams, contact your Home Manager or Personal Activities Leader.

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Date published: 9 April 2018

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