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Food and Dining at Four Seasons

As we get older, it’s crucial that we eat and drink the right nutrients. At Four Seasons we recognise that a well-balanced diet is essential for the health, happiness and all round well-being of our residents.

A nutritionally balanced diet is vital for a healthy lifestyle and can reduce the risk of illness and infections and improve mood and energy levels.

An expert approach 
Our team of experienced and dedicated chefs complete extensive research to provide a balanced diet, tailoring menus to promote good health and nutrition from locally sourced high quality ingredients with delicious choices at every meal.

With this in mind we are delighted to share a taster of our mouth-watering new winter menu.

Nutritional needs
We’re committed to helping residents eat well and stay properly hydrated. Our menu has been designed to meet the nutritional needs of our residents and contains at least five daily portions of fruit and veg for essential vitamins and minerals. Every meal incorporates quality proteins including plant proteins such as lentils, beans and nuts. Residents also enjoy a minimum of two portions of fish a week promoting heart health benefits and there is always a balance of high energy and healthy eating dishes available for residents with different dietary needs.

Residents can indulge a little with a variety of scrumptious desserts as well as choosing milkshakes and smoothie recipes that help aid bone health.

Personal touch and choice
Our ever-changing menu feature daily specials so that residents always have a choice of alternatives depending on what they fancy that day. As well as offering more variety this facilitates a more pleasurable mealtime experience that meets our ‘dining with dignity’ ethos.

Additionally, if a resident requests a specific dish to be added to the specials menu, our development team will work with the home to ensure this is provided.

We always include a vegetarian option at every meal, giving our residents the option to have a meat-free alternative.

Variety is the spice of life
Our development chefs have worked hard to create dishes that appeal to all. Welcoming cultural diversity that reflects in our menu variety, with a wealth of flavours to suit all palettes. For example a traditional Scottish haggis, Jamaican jerk chicken, smoked haddock kedgeree and an authentically spiced lentil and cauliflower curry.

Once a week our popular ‘World Cuisine’ dish is available so each home can choose their residents’ favourite from a number of traditional dishes originating from countries across the globe.

Dedicated to delivering the best
Every meal we serve is planned and prepared with the utmost care to ensure optimum nutrition and variety for our residents. Our residents’ individual needs are always catered for and as well as providing pictorial menus and recipe cards, nutritionally balanced soft-eating meals can be easily prepared to help those who have difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Dining is an important and enjoyable part of daily life in our homes and we take great pride in providing delicious and nourishing meals for all our residents.

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