Hallgarth craft club goes around the globe!

Hallgarth Craft Club members took on the world as their challenge this month – and were surprised to see what they could create from a balloon, some paper, a plate and a lot of watery glue!

Our project was to make a small bowl to hold sweets or nick-nacks using papier-mache – but the more the bowls progressed and the final papers of coloured paper were added, the more they began to look like celestial planets - and we unexpectedly ended up with our own mini globes.

Over a cup of tea and cake, travel destinations were discussed as to who had been where in the world and what a globe-trotting craft club we turned out to have at Hallgarth! The conversation then turned to where we would like to go for a visit if we had a magic carpet and could go anywhere. We even discussed time travel and whether we would go the future or revisit the past if we had the choice.

The next day our projects had dried and it was time to pop the balloons, add a base ring and straighten the edges – project complete! We now all have our own little piece of travelling memories over time built into a little bowl made by our own fair hands.

Date published: 13 September 2018

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