Hallgarth Poetry Club

The Poetry Club is very popular here at Hallgarth Care Home, each week we gather together to read and write poetry. This week we took part in ‘National Bad Poetry Day’ we thought this was a funny day to celebrate as what would you class as a bad poem? We thought we would come up with our own poem of what we think of bad poetry day.


Today it is bad poetry day, the day that we all have our say,

to decide weather poems are good or bad, do they make you smile or make you sad.

Do they rhyme or mix you up, are they true or all made up?

Are they right and never wrong. Can they be made into a song?

Today’s the day that we take note, consider poems we have wrote.

Good or bad it’s time to decide. THEY ARE ALL FANTASTIC!

WE SAY WITH PRIDE, we gave it our all and that amounts, to doing our best and that’s what counts.   


Our poem, written by Hallgarth Poetry Club.

Date published: 21 August 2020

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