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Harvest Festival in our homes

Residents and teams are looking forward to celebrating Harvest Festival

Although the weather remains warm and we have sunny blue skies, autumn is definitely in the air. There is something very special about this time of the year. A crisp autumn breeze, crackling log fires and the spectacle of green leaves turning rich reds and yellows.

From the traditional celebration of the Harvest Festival, to the thrill and enjoyment of Guy Fawkes’ Bonfire Night, the excitement of costumes and trick or treating on Halloween, autumn is the perfect time of year for celebration.

This month we are getting ready for the Harvest festival with a host of activities planned.

This year Four Seasons are celebrating the harvest by singing, enjoying traditional harvest dishes and connecting with community groups. There will be corn dolly crafts, virtual celebrations with churches and local schools and even a farmers’ market environment. Four Seasons harvest festival activities are in full swing. 

Our residents will enjoy a range of delicious, traditional recipes such as honey baked gammon with poached plums, tear & share wheatsheaf bread and spiced toffee & apple cake. Plus some slightly more unfamiliar dishes such as spam fritters and potato floddies. When developing the harvest menu our fantastic team of Four Seasons chefs wanted to combine a mixture of traditional dishes with a modern twist. Using many locally sourced ingredients and mixing old with contemporary produce, the residents will be enjoying a selection of dishes. The chefs wanted to bring back the tradition of harvest festival where families would use a combination of ingredients in the cupboards to create recipes you wouldn’t usually see, creating an explosion of flavours.

Allan Brazier, Group Director at Four Seasons, curated the traditional menu and was inspired by the UK’s rich farming heritage. He said: “Food is a wonderful way to bring people together, especially when it brings back happy memories. We wanted to give residents an authentic experience and celebrate a historic festival as realistically as possible. It’s certainly been interesting creating and trying the traditional recipes, they’re very tasty.’

We are delighted to share our mouth-watering harvest festival menu.

Why not recreate some of these delicious recipes with your family and friends at home? If you have elderly neighbours or live close to someone who might appreciate a food gift, why not consider baking them a fresh fidget pie or a batch of goodies as a Harvest Festival gift?

What is more, the tradition of wheatsheaf making will be recreated with our residents. Traditionally the wheatsheaf loaf was designed to share with the whole family or as a display in churches and we wanted to make them for everyone to enjoy and reminisce about harvest festival traditions. 

If you care to join us in this tradition and make your own wheatsheaf, see how to do it here and then tag us in your creations on social media for everyone to enjoy. We can’t wait to hear how your Wheatsheaf loaf making goes.

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