'Kaleidoscope of colour' art project at Hallgarth

Bobby, a resident at Hallgarth Care Home, has been working on a 'kaleidoscope of colour' art project inspired by her lifelong love of dance.

Bobby describes dance as an 'explosion of life' and when she used to dance the world around her became a kaleidoscope of colours.

Her first memory of dancing was from as far back as age three, when she used to dance with her dad in the sitting room at home. 

She then went to Miss Caldclough's dance classes and started dancing seriously from the age of six. Miss was a tough teacher and had a big stick, which she would bang time with on the floor. By the age of fifteen Bobby would help run the classes and demonstrate the different moves. 

Bobby remembers a card Miss Caldclough once gave her, inscripted with the words, "A dance is a poem of which each movement is a word" and from this memory a project began. Bobby created a collage of explosive colours and added her perfect ballet pose as the finishing touch.

A great fan of all the TV dance programmes, Bobby especially enjoys Dancing on Ice, critiquing the skaters and giving them tips on how to improve. Booby says the important thing is not only to suggest adjustments but also to give praise and encouragement. 


Date published: 21 January 2019

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