Making Wordsworth's daffodils at Hallgarth

Jean, a resident at Hallgarth Care Home in Durham, has been going along to the home's Poetry Club for a few weeks now, and it has reignited her love of poetry.

She learnt Wordsworth's daffodil poem when she was a little girl at school and can still recite it now.

She wanted to work on a project based on that poem and came up with the idea of her own host of golden daffodils, just like the ones she sees from her window. 

Each daffodil is printed with the words of the famous poem, then folded, cut, and with a little imagination and a lot of glue the daffodils were made. Jean said she was  surprised at how lovely the daffodils looked when finished and arranged, and was very proud of her handiwork! 

Date published: 10 April 2019

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