Margaret's Memory Box brought to life at Hallgarth

Hallgarth Care Home is very proud of the Memory Box of pictures and objects from bygone years that resident Margaret - 101 years young - has been putting together over recent months. 

Margaret has a good memory, and on trips to Beamish she has spotted many things from her youth - and it became a mission to collect these memories in pictures - and put them in the Memory Box for everyone to share.

Everything in the box comes with a story, which fitted in nicely with a discussion about the poem 'What is a Senior Citizen' at Hallgarth's poetry club. 

One thing led to another and before she knew it, Margaret had another project - to display the poem in a collage of pictures of products and places sparking memories.

Margaret said:

"We had nothing in those days, but neither did anyone else! We were all in the same boat. They were hard times but happy times too. These are all the things I remember from my younger years - from cleaning the step with soapy water after washing in the poss-tub, to Vaseline that could cure all ailments, including a squeaky wheel. Going to dances, the songs of the time, riding my bike as we didn't have the bus fare to get anywhere then. The poem is very true - the world has changed."



Date published: 21 January 2019

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