Miniature pony sparks reminiscence at Langley Park

Residents at Langley Park Care Home had a wonderful afternoon as Diddi the miniature pony paid them a visit and enjoyed lots of strokes and cuddles!

Meeting Diddi sparked some lovely memories, including one resident who reminisced about the rag and bone man, who would come round the neighborhood on his horse and cart and children would run out with rags in exchange for pegs or balloons. Another resident recalled how upset they would be if they received the pegs instead of the balloons, but how happy this would make their mothers.

The conversation moved on to jumble sales attended by horse and cart with goods piled up in the back. According to one resident, it was nothing like modern car boot sales - the jumble sales were always much better and more fun!

It was lovely for staff to see how this simple activity led on to memories and conversations between the residents - and interesting for everyone to learn a little about life in days gone by. 

Date published: 1 October 2019

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