Poem for our Deputy Manager at Holybourne

One of our lovely service user’s husband sent a beautiful poem written by him to our Deputy Manager at Holybourne Day Centre, Jacqui Hammond, congratulating her for becoming a finalist for the National FSHC Awards, and for winning the Regional Award.

The poem reads -

Congratulations Jacqui,

For winning your award,

It’s one you do deserve,

And we all applaud,

Now I’m a dementia carer,

My wife is in your hands,

It puts my mind at ease,

To know you understand,

Your staff reflect your actions,

To put my wife at ease,

They put a smile upon her face,

And do their best to please,

So keep on doing what you do,

We like it very much,

You’ve something very special,

You have that golden touch,

So keep on spreading happiness,

And let them have their fill,

You know that they can take it,

And it’s far better than a pill,

Congratulations once again,

To you and all your crew,

I wish you health and happiness,

With everything you do.


Date published: 25 October 2019

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