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Sally at Beech Tree House shares her memories

Resident, Sally, at Beech Tree House Care Home shares her memories of the war and VE Day. Sally was born in the east end of London. She was 13 when war broke out and remembers being very frightened and when the bombs were dropping she had to go with her family to the Anderson shelter that was in her garden. Later on in the war, they shared a bigger shelter with people from a block of flats. She remembers times where they would have to put on their nightwear and sleep in the shelter. Sally met her husband whilst in an air raid shelter.

Sally worked in Woolworths when she was 15 years old, she remembers her mum used to get very worried that she would get hurt if she went to work and the air raids sounded.

On VE day everyone was extremely excited and happy. They all crowded around the family radio to listen to the broadcasts. Everyone was cheering, singing and dancing in the street. Everyone used there rations to make cakes and biscuits and there were lots of street parties and house parties. Sally says that she really loved the dancing. She never wanted the parties to finish!

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