Stanshawes residents enjoy a visit from Zoolab

On Wednesday 17th January 2018, residents from Stanshawes Care Home in Yate, were visited by Zoolab, who brought with them an array of creatures for the residents to get up close and personal with.

Eva William, Home Manager, said: “Jessica from Zoolab brought us a variety of critters. We met a Large German cockroach called Ron. Ron was very happy to be passed around and surprisingly most of our residents were happy to have a hold of him. The team on the other hand, not so much..

“We then met Green, the Rainforest Frog. He is able to camouflage himself in to any environment to protect himself from becoming someone’s dinner. Jessica introduced the residents to the frog, most were happy to touch but not to hold…so at least they had that in common with the team who again didn’t feel the need to handle Green.

“The largest animal was a bearded dragon called “Chunk” he was the length of one of our tables. The residents were completely smitten with him, wanting to hold and stroke him.”

One of the residents who held Chunk, said: “Oh my goodness you are so beautiful, aren’t you beautiful.”

Everyone then met Chunk’s much smaller cousin a lizard called Dave. He was as soft as silk and again the residents enjoyed holding and meeting him.

The 2 most popular visitors by far were Frankie and Benny, 2 field mice. They were so happy to be held of just to sit on your hand or in your lap.

Eva William added: “Residents who had not be so keen to hold some of the other animals were happy to hold and stroke these, even some of the team took the plunge. Whilst other team members were still standing in the corner and looking on at a distance.

“The residents and family enjoyed the afternoon so much we are having them back in 3 months’ time, but this time they will be joined by a python and a tarantula. Interesting to see which residents are brave enough to hold their hands out for the 2 new additions.”

Are you looking for a care home in Yate? Stanshawes Care Home offers support for all types of care including nursing care, respite care and end of life/palliative care.

Date published: 13 February 2018

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