Still loving life in lockdown - Betty's story

Our lovely resident, Betty has been with us at Balmoral Care Home since December and we have loved having her here! Betty is 85 and was born in Sheffield. One of Betty’s funniest memories was on her wedding day, it was a stormy day with everything from rain to snow, and Betty stepped out of her bridal car and her heel got caught on the bottom of her lace dress and tripped over. Her bouquet fell into a muddy puddle and she ended up walking down the aisle with chipped nail polish and a swollen red eye! Betty says that is was a hilarious memory and her and Frank have been married happily for 65 years.

How have you been keeping occupied?

I have enjoy keeping busy by doing all sorts of different crafts like painting and making cards. I made a lovely birthday card for my husband, Frank. I have loved being creative during lockdown it has been really fun! I have also kept occupied by keeping up with my friends on Facebook. One of the lovely team members has also started to teach me how to speak a bit of French which has been really interesting and has really helped me to keep my spirits up.

Have you ever experienced anything similar to this current situation in your life?

I have never experienced anything like this before, this is the longest I have been away from my husband and it’s been difficult to not see him. We speak on the phone everyday which is lovely and I always look forward hearing what he’s been doing.

What are you looking forward to when life gets back to normal again?

I am looking forward to seeing my husband, my son and daughter, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren and of course all of my lovely friends. I’m also excited to be able to go into Sheffield and do some shopping!

Thank you for sharing Betty and we hope that you can see Frank and the rest of your family soon.

Date published: 13 August 2020

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