Terrific Trifle at Balmoral!

The residents at Balmoral Care Home had never heard of Tapioca Day so we thought it would be fun to have a tasting session to try it. Some of our residents, including Connie, didn’t like the texture but others enjoyed it. One thing all our residents could agree on was that Tapioca Day was a funny day to have! We used it as an excuse to talk about everyone’s favourite topic… puddings! We all shared what our favourite pudding is which was interesting to hear.

We started talking about different milk puddings, sponge puddings, suet puddings, puddings made with bread, stewed puddings, flans and jellies. It was fun to see which puddings we used to have to make from fresh but now you can buy them ready made, in a box or frozen. Resident Maureen was telling us all about how she can remember baking every week for her children and all our residents agreed that they remember having to bake at least once a week.

After talking about puddings so much, Alan said, he can make a trifle and asked the residents if they would like to help him to make a trifle. Everyone got on board with the idea and the team arranged the ingredients.

We decided that it would be fun to have a full team effort so we split the jobs out and got started. Alan and Betty sliced the Swiss roll up to put in the bowl, Connie and Rosa made the jelly. We all sprinkled on some sherry on the sponge and Alan poured the tin custard on top of the jelly. Lorraine did the hard part, whipping the cream and then Connie, Alan and Rosa put the cream on top of the custard. We were very happy with our trifle and we all tried it after their evening meal, it was delicious!

Resident, Alan, said “I would love to make a trifle together!”

Our head chef, Paul, said “I can smell the sherry, it looks amazing!”

Date published: 21 August 2020

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