The Arches celebrate New Year with 'Oscars' awards

New Year at The Arches Care Home in Belfast was a lot of fun as for the second year they held their very own 'Oscars' with awards presented to all residents and colleagues too.

Each award has its own special meaning or backstory for the recipient, making it a lovely event for all involved.

This year the awards included 'Best Smiler' for Wilson, 'Best Singer' for John and 'Best Book Worm' for Margaret, while staff member Shirley won 'Best Hamper Maker' (as she always makes the hampers for special events) and 'Best Stitcher' went to Home Manager Judy - on the basis that no one else admits to being able to turn trousers up or sew buttons on!

A lovely idea and a great way to start the New Year.

Date published: 7 January 2019

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