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Dementia Experience at Salford University

We teamed up with Salford University to host our ‘Dementia Experience’ sessions in their Dementia Hub – an outreach centre for the public to access the latest research and ideas about living well with dementia.

The Experience involves restricting your vision, hearing and ability to concentrate then asking you to carry out everyday tasks like lacing shoes, putting on shirts, laying a table, playing cards or opening a packet of sweets, so you can get a sense of the frustration that those living with dementia often feel.


As well as people working in social care, local charities, students and care partners also took part. Afterwards, our Project Facilitators Hannah and Laura engaged each group with a reflection session, asking participants to sum up the feelings of the simulation in one word.

The feedback included ‘frustrating’, ‘overwhelming’, isolating’ and ‘challenging’. One participant said the experience felt like she was underwater as her senses had been dulled and it was all very disorientating.  Participants left The Hub with increased understanding and knowledge of dementia the condition but more importantly with increased empathy for those living the condition every day.

Comments about the sessions were extremely positive and generated lots of questions and discussion from delegates. The University has invited the team back in May to provide further sessions as part of Dementia Action Week. 

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