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The Four Seasons Health Care Group have joined with researchers at UCL


The Four Seasons Health Care Group have joined with researchers at UCL, alongside the Department of Health and Social Care, to launch the only major study into the impact of COVID-19 in care homes.  Although there are many research studies investigating the impact of COVID-19 in the general population, this is the only one focused on those living and working in care homes.


Jeremy Richardson, Chief Executive Officer at the Four Seasons Health Care Group said: “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the Government and University College London in this major national research study.  This is an incredibly valuable piece of work, which we hope will provide vital information to further aid our efforts to stop the spread of infection in care homes and wider communities.”

“We hope that the results will help us to plan with confidence the easing of our lockdown restrictions, as we gain a clearer picture of how many people living and working in our care homes have already had COVID-19, and whether becoming infected means you are immune and can’t get it again in the future.”

The study will give the opportunity for both residents and team members living and working in the Group’s care homes in England to be regularly tested to help track the virus, understand past exposure and to determine whether this provides immunity from COVID-19.  Testing has already started and the study will continue with further tests over the next 12 months.

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