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The joys and benefits of being a tea lover

 As a nation, we love a good cuppa but did you know drinking tea can benefit your mental and physical wellbeing?

We recently carried out a survey of over 2,000 tea drinkers across the UK and  the humble brew was credited with helping people to find comfort during the pandemic. Nearly two thirds (63%) turned to a good cup of tea to help them through three national lockdowns while more than a third (38%) found themselves making a cup more often to help them through the tough times.

Britain’s favourite drink brings people together, helps you stay hydrated and can improve your mood. A variety of teas, including black tea, can boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and improve heart health. 

So, pop the kettle on and discover how our Four Seasons homes are embracing their love of tea.

Tea Lovers Club

In spite of all the coffee shops in the UK, many of us still prefer a nice cup of tea and our residents are no exception. Over the last year our residents sipped their way through 5.8 million tea bags with over 47% of them drinking between 1-3 cups a day.

On April 21st in celebration of National Tea Day which supports Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, we thought we would bring some extra TLC into our homes by launching our Tea Lovers Club as part of our Magic Moments Together activities programme. The club will be a great way for residents, teams and visitors to come together and share in the joys of tea drinking. There will be regular club activities including tea dancing, themed/charity afternoon teas, communi’tea’ events, quizzes and more, all involving a nice cuppa accompanied by freshly baked treats and lots of sociable fun.

Not only does our club celebrate the nation’s favourite drink, but we’ll also have our very own tea blend chosen by our residents. Our first event will be a tea tasting experience, which will have our residents sipping three tea options before picking a winning blend.

The tea will be a regular cuppa of choice in our homes for all residents, team members and visitors to enjoy as part of our Tea Lovers Club.

Allan Brazier, Group Director of Home Services at Four Seasons Health Care Group says; “Whether you’re in a care home or in your home office, many of us have taken great comfort from the simple act of enjoying a cup of tea. Tea brings us all together while enjoying a cup exactly how we like it. By creating our own blend, chosen by our residents, our care homes can bring new meaning to our special tea moments and celebrate coming through the pandemic.”

Three tea blends

The three blends of tea shortlisted have been specially crafted by our new partners, the family-run business, Tea From The Manor, who bring the finest teas from the best tea gardens around the world to their HQ in Cheshire for expert blending.

These include a caffeine-free Chamomile & Rose and two more traditional black teas; Blue Lady and Rose Congou.

Chamomile & Rose is a unique blend of calming chamomile flower, flavoured with beautiful fragrant rose buds. Studies suggest chamomile tea lowers blood sugars, reduces stress and improves sleep and relaxation, making it the perfect tea for a peaceful night’s rest.

Rose Congu is a classic black tea infused with fragrant rose petals. Rose is believed to combat fatigue, promote healthy skin and aid the immune system.

Our final tea is Blue Lady, a traditional base of Chinese black tea with mallow, marigold and rose petals. Studies show mallow aids good gum health, while marigold is packed with antioxidants.

As our residents begin their tea tasting experience we thought we would share this video which shows you how to taste tea like a professional.


 A recent poll amongst our residents found the perfect comfort brew was served first thing in the morning (50%) with 75% preferring to add milk and 36% adding a touch of sugar.

 The question is, will we ever end the age-old debate of whether you add milk before or after the water? We’re sure this will be a hot topic of discussion in our Tea Lovers Club!

In this video you can discover how the experts at Tea from the Manor recommend it’s done.  


Now you know how to drink tea like a pro and have learnt about the health benefits a good brew offers, why not share it with your loved ones?

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