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The Magic of Verse

Poems are the pieces of writing that encourage a love of language and have the power to transport, elevate and amuse us.

Poetry has been important throughout history and there are many writers who lived hundreds of years ago who are still celebrated and read now.

Our team members and residents love to share their passion of poetry. In celebration of National Poetry Day we wanted to share some of our charming residents inspirational poetry, inspired by their experiences and feelings. We guarantee that their verses will have you laughing, crying or fondly reminiscing.


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Joining the Gardening Club
I’m too old to join the gardening club!
One Afternoon I said,
Go see my old dad- is what I told her,
He was always in his potting shed.

He always had a cup of tea
With soil upon his hands,
To smell the earth after the rain
He said was the best smell in the land.

A little bit of sunshine,
A little bit of rain,
A fork, or spade, or hoe to hand,
Some string and bamboo cane.

He grew potatoes, leek and cabbages
But also dahlias for Mam,
The veg went in the cooking pot
For broth with shank of ham.

I think I’ll come and join you
To plant a seed or two,
I might have dad’s green fingers
I could grow some dahlias too!

Last year I had a go at gardening
It’s easier than I thought,
I planted Sweet William and Dahlias
I remembered everything dad had taught.

This year I joined the gardening club
My name the first on list,
Growing flowers is now a pleasure
And one I can’t resist!
Hallgarth Care Home, Durham

Fearsome Fred
Years ago, there lived a monster. His name was Fearsome Fred,
He lived in our back garden, in Grandpa’s potting shed.
Poor Fred was shy and timid. He told me so one day,
When I’d gone down the garden, all by myself, to play.
He’d been there for a long time, all by himself, you know,
And he told me of his troubles, that started long ago.

He thought himself a failure. Not one bit like his dad,
Who breathed out fire and sulphur, and roared when he got mad.
Fred practised breathing fire. But he couldn’t do it right,
And though he kept on puffing, his breath just would not light.
He couldn’t get the knack at all, of breathing fire and flame,
He tried till he was dizzy, but not one flicker came.

So then he tried his roaring. A real disaster that,
For though he kept on trying, it sounded weak and flat.
He found it made his throat sore. His roar was just a squeak,
He practised every single night, for well-nigh one whole week.
He was a total failure, of that he was quite sure,
No one would want a monster, who lacked both fire and roar.

So he hid in Grandpa’s potting shed. He didn’t dare go home,
He curled up in the corner, beside our garden gnome.
He only ventured out at night. He hid inside all day,
And that is where I found him, and told him he could stay.
So now, we are the best of friends, and happy as can be,
And play together in the shed, the gnome and Fred and me.

Granby Rose Care Home, Harrogate

Ode to a Carer
A carer is a special breed
Because of the qualities that you need
To care for others takes special skill
Not just giving teas and pills
Empathy and the will to listen
Sympathy when eyes they glisten
With memories of years long gone
Of husbands, children and their home
The ability to help and assist
Promoting dignity and independence is on the list
And when the final days they come
The ability to still be strong
And help end their final days in peace
No pain, no worries a sweet release
From the challenges of advancing years
The carer then holds back their tears
As the person they care for slips away
The carer then faces the rest of the day
Because the work of a carer is never done
They are always needed by someone.

Middleton Hall Care Home, Uphall

Captured by a wave and a smile
I miss your wave, that Regal wave, and that subtle smile.
I look to the window but I don’t see you there,
No curlers in your hair, no towel on your head.
I didn’t know you to well, but you touched me so
There was something special in your wave and that subtle smile
That captured me then and captures me still.

Benholm Care Home, Angus

This is my Home
I look around and what do I see?
Worker ants and busy bees!
And that’s all the people who care for me.
They keep me fed, Warm and happy.
I really am a lucky chappie.
The place is full of caring angels
Who make me laugh and make me smile?
They really go the extra mile
I found it hard to make the choice
To leave my home, leave my house
But when I took that giant step
I am ever so happy
My needs are met
I have a family again and lots of fun
With people who care and bring out the sun
I no longer sit at home alone
Waiting for some one to knock on the door
Needing company more and more
I now have a wonderful home
With the family again
I feel I am blessed and there is always an angel
To help me get dressed

Whiteabbey Care Home, Newtownabbey

My name is Molly
And this is my home
I have many friends here
I never feel alone

I love to laugh
And have such fun
And I like nothing more
Than a big chocolate bun!
Woodgrove Care Home, Lisburn

Getting Old
Getting old isn’t so bad
It’s the aches and pains that make me sad
I used to do everything for myself
But now rely on everyone else.

Today I played bingo with Brenda, Gladys and Domingo
He is the good looking one who walks like a Flamingo
He is a gentle giant with a heart of gold
Although he shakes a lot and going bald!

It aint so bad in this place
It’s warm and friendly and full of grace
And everyone here works at my pace
Its time for bed
So – I will say goodnight, sweet dreams and rest your sleepy heads

Osborne Court Care Home, Bristol

Spring at Grove House 2016
The frogs are spawning in the pond
And the birds are singing up beyond
The grass is green, the sky is blue
The trees are budding god bless you!

Spring means new life for one and all
For all god’s creatures great and small
The ducklings waddle to the stream
Spring is appearing like a dream

The trees are blossoming as their leaves unfurl
The early blossom translucent pearl
The lambs in the fields are frisking about
Spring is here without a doubt!

Grove House Care Home, Birkenhead

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