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Winter Warmers - 6th December

Baking tasty treats to help spread a little Christmas cheer

With just 19 days left on the countdown until Christmas, today we’re bringing you news of the tasty treats being baked in our homes, filling the air with a sweet scent and getting everyone in a festive mood. 

Food and Christmas go hand in hand and what could be better than enjoying a freshly baked mince pie or a fruity cake to spread a little Christmas cheer. Here’s some of the delicious goodies residents in our homes have been helping to prepare:

Catchpole Court in Sudbury

Catchpole home is very organised this year as residents have been helping to prepare traditional Christmas Cakes, giving them enough time to mature and develop a great flavour for the big day.

The residents had a lot of fun with this activity with some commenting that it reminded them of days gone by, and all the traditions they followed over the years.

 Sandringham care home in Portadown

The smell of spice and cinnamon fills the air as residents at Sandringham began their Christmas activities, including making their first batch of sweet mince pies.


Grove House care home in the Wirral

Grove House’s dementia community have been getting into the Christmas spirit baking and icing gingerbread tree decorations.


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