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With a robust quality and governance structure, a commitment to user involvement at all levels, and a well-led and managed organisation and leadership team, we aspire to always provide the best possible outcomes for everyone we work with and for.

Our new Quality of Life Programme is a unique system, pioneering the use of technology to collect feedback. It enables us to understand our residents’ day to day care experience, to find and fix any niggles quickly and to do more of what they like, so they feel more at home and have a more enjoyable time. The information also links to resident care audits and is collated electronically to give a picture of care provision that can be seen at all levels, from the residents’ bedrooms to the boardroom, to help drive improvements within a home, across a region or nationally. Find out more.


Our approach to care

We work with local health and social care commissioners, and others to find the right care and support solutions for people, their carers and families. Through a wide range of different care services and care pathways, we work with our commissioners and individuals and their families to plan for immediate, medium and long-term care solutions.

Our approach to care is person-centred. So we work with each individual to understand their values, needs and expectations when it comes to their health and social care, and assist them to be actively involved in their care planning. We communicate frequently with families and professionals to enable transparent and open discussions, shared decision-making and informed choice. Our Quality of Life Programme supports this communication and ensures we have all the required information at our finger tips.


Questions about our care

You may have some important questions about the way we work:

  • How can I be assured about quality and safety in your care homes?

    Our care homes are all registered with the regulator for the region they operate in. You can contact the regulators:

    Each regulator has a set of very robust standards which we, as a provider, have to meet. Our services are independently inspected by our regulators, and the reports into the findings from these inspections are published and available publicly. We can provide you with a copy of our last inspection report for the home you are interested in.

    We don't always get it right; when we don't we will be honest, open and transparent with you, and explain what we are doing to put things right, and make sure that we fulfil our commitment and aspirations to get it right every time.

    Our Quality of Life Programme provides a convenient and easy way for residents, their families and healthcare professionals to provide immediate feedback at every visit.

    In addition to our independent regulator, we have a robust internal quality and governance framework through which we continually measure, evaluate and review the quality and safety of the services we provide.

    We are also regulated by the HSE.

  • Is the home the appropriate place to meet my client's needs?

    When you're considering a Four Seasons home, we will provide you and your client with information about the home, what we can offer, and what you can expect from us. We always undertake a full pre-admission assessment which inclusively involves the individual, their carer/families, and professionals' views and opinions. Throughout their stay with us, your client will have their changing needs regularly assessed to ensure we are providing the right level of care to meet these.

    On an ongoing basis, our Quality of Life Programme is a unique way of listening to residents every day to help us deliver the type of care experience they want, and to ensure they feel at home and have a more enjoyable time.

  • Do the skills and capability of the team meet my client's needs?

    All colleagues in a Four Seasons care home are trained and qualified to meet the needs of the people we are supporting. We also ensure our care teams continue to receive training and development throughout their careers. Four Seasons health-care employees are developed and supported to ensure they are capable of delivering the highest quality, personalised care. All are inducted in accordance with the common induction standards and many achieve QCF awards.

    We pride ourselves on our bespoke further-development opportunities, in areas such as specialist dementia training. PEARL is an accreditation programme designed to ensure we provide the most up-to-date training interventions for team members who support people with dementia. Our leadership programmes and Developing Potential Programme equip our managers with essential management skills, and provide talented individuals with the opportunity to develop their careers with us.

  • How much will it cost?

    Every Four Seasons care home has an individual cost of care. This is based on a number of factors including the size of the home, the location, the type of client group supported, and the staffing in the service.

    We commit to providing a clear and transparent cost-of-care breakdown for our commissioners and individuals and their families to show what we charge.

    In many parts of the country our homes are covered by NHS Clinical Commissioning or Local Authority Adult Social Care Contracts, which have a fixed tariff or pricing model attached to them. Here we provide care at the rates pre-agreed locally with commissioners for these types of contracts.

    We are able to offer additional support for people in our homes. This is usually called one to one (1:1) care and there is an additional cost for this. This could be due to an assessed and agreed care need, and be part of the agreement prior to an individual joining us. It's also something that an individual or their family could request and pay for as an additional service and for specific activities in the care home.

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