24/7 rapid response assessments and admissions

Our Safe Discharge Beds service is designed to avoid crisis points in local healthcare by reducing delayed transfers of care to acute and community hospitals, especially during the winter months. To meet demand and assist as much as possible we have introduced our 24-hour Safe Discharge Beds service that enables professionals across England to find bed availability quickly and easily in safe, high quality care homes.

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Our fully qualified nursing teams are ready to carry out rapid assessments of a person’s needs and future care requirements and complete admissions within just a few hours of assessment.

Our Safe Discharge Beds service can support an individual when:

  • Their transfer from an acute hospital ward to their home or final care destination has been delayed for non medical reason.
  • They are waiting for a funding assessment or care package, for example, or for non-weight bearing convalescence.
  • They need further assessment or family input.
  • They are awaiting home adaptations or a home of their choice.

"A patient survey by an NHS Trust in Oxfordshire was sent to the first 150 patients who had received care in nursing homes found that most were very positive about their experience, with the majority agreeing that a nursing home bed was a better environment for them while they waited for ongoing care."

What Next?

To find out more about our service and bed availability please contact:

T: 01638 606313

E: safedischargebeds@fshc.co.uk