Making care special is at the heart of Victoria Care Home in St Helens. Our philosophy starts with getting to know each person as an individual and understanding what they need, so we can provide the right kind of care to match. It's simple: the more we know, the better we care.

Our aim is to help people stay as well as they can for as long as they can.

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"Good communication with staff. (Karen) I live a great distance from my father, whom is a resident at this home. The staff are very helpful and descriptive in giving me details of how my father's condition has been throughout the years, over the phone, whilst he has been a resident there. Great outside space, garden! Nice welcoming TV and entrance. Dad has a nice spacious room with all his belongings/pics. Christmas looks fun there (I couldn't attend, and felt guilty, but, it looked like he was happy doing his own thing anyway which made me feel better!) He probably had his eye on another woman resident knowing my dad!
It didn't smell, it didn't feel controlled, staff seemed genuine, Dad looked happy, comfortable, fed, watered and very happy... What more could we want for ourselves in our old age or our parents?"

gaynor scott, Father of Resident/Service User at Victoria Care Home