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Safer essential visits

We ensure that visits from essential external professionals only take place when absolutely safe to do so. Visits are considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Home Manager and are subject to a number of conditions.

We are taking steps to ensure that where we have to use agency staff, they do not work in other homes too. Any external team or contractor visits are strictly only when essential and require a negative test before entering the building. Plus, we’ve put controls in place to minimise the number of locations visited within a period of time and visiting team members are required to wear appropriate PPE at all times. All visits to our care homes are supported by the home Visitor Champion and visits are pre-booked and staggered to minimise the number of people on site at any time and to ensure adequate cleaning time between visits.

Vaccinations and testing 

The majority of residents and team members have already received their vaccine. New residents moving into our homes, who haven’t yet received a vaccine will be supported to get one if they wish. Our team have had access to the vaccine as a priority and we also continue to provide all team members with support and information to help them make an informed and positive choice. Visitors to our homes will be required to follow our Visitor Protocols, which includes temperature testing on arrival, a Covid test and to wear PPE during the visit.

“ I was so worried about my sister during this pandemic but I shouldn’t have been. The care and management were amazing to put my mind at rest. My sister was so happy when I saw her on WhatsApp she said she couldn’t be happier, they’re working so hard putting on shows and even getting a takeaway in and opening a little cafe inside the home which looked like the one we used to go in when she was a little girl. The management are outstanding and do anything to make me relax. I know my sister is safe through these very serious and fighting times. Well done Hillside Lodge you are all very special. Keep up the hard work, stay safe very special people. “

Dawn F, Sister of resident talking about Hillside Lodge in Berwick upon Tweed, September 2020 on independent review website
published on 01 September 2020

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