At Castle Lodge Care Home it is really important for us to understand our residents’ day to day care experience, to find and fix any niggles quickly and to do more of what they like, so they feel more at home and have a more enjoyable time.

Our new “Quality of Life Programme” is a unique system which helps us to do just that. Using iPads in each home, the system provides a convenient way for our residents, and those close to them, to give ongoing feedback and it immediately notifies us with the aim of us fixing it quickly.

Find out more about our Quality of Life Programme in the video below.

In many care homes, customer feedback is only actively requested via a traditional paper survey, perhaps no more than annually. Participation is usually low and those filling in paper questionnaires tend to focus on big issues and not the little things that make a difference day to day. There can also be a very slow turnaround to feedback the results, further delaying any required action. Our Quality of Life Programme, using technology and bespoke software, has revolutionised this way of working and has really put residents at the heart of everything we do.

In the first three months of our Quality of Life Programme running in just 100 homes, we received and acted on comments from well over 1,000 residents.

Their comments have not been about big concerns, but they have helped us to make their care experience better in some small way.

One resident’s daughter took a few minutes to key in a comment about her mother’s bed sheets. When the Home Manager saw this she checked and found something had been spilled. By the time the daughter arrived home there was an email message waiting to say the sheets had been changed.

Another example came from a cluster of homes where the Regional Manager picked up feedback that the menus could be more varied, so he arranged a senior chef to work with the homes to develop new menus offering more choices that reflected residents’ preferences.