Don't know what type of care you need? Let us help.

Below are some descriptions of care terms you may have heard. Please have a read, then feel free to contact the care home manager Joanne Roy here at Clandeboye Care Home in Bangor, to chat through the specific options we have available.

Nursing care

Someone may need nursing care if they have a certain physical condition or difficulties. This might include those with long-term conditions, those who need rehabilitation, or those with physical disabilities.

Dementia care

People living with dementia have different needs, so either a residential or nursing care home may be best, depending on each individual. Our experienced teams understand the challenges of living with dementia and are trained to look beyond the dementia diagnosis and to see the person, understand them, and help them live their lives as closely as possible to the way they always have.

"Clandeboye care home is a beautiful home. My mother has been there now for quite a few years and she is totally dependant on the staff for all her needs. The staff are always so friendly, cheerful and happy to help in any way possible. I can talk with the staff at any time during the day, there is nothing they won't do. This also includes other staff in the home i.e. Domestic, kitchen and maintanence man. My mother is very well looked after and I cannot fault the staff for anything. When mom starts to show signs of cough they are on the ball immediately and she see the GP as most of the times she developed a chest infection. But the nurses are very quick at getting this sorted. When I go on holiday I can go away with piece of mind knowing mom is well cared for.
I just can't praise the manager and her staff enough.
Thank you."

Sylvia Rodgers, Daughter of Resident/Service User at Clandeboye Care Home