Don't know what type of care you need? Let us help.

Below are some descriptions of care terms you may have heard. Please have a read, then feel free to contact the care home manager Jenny Hololob here at Layden Court Care Home in Maltby, to chat through the specific options we have available.

Residential care

This is for those who may need some help with daily activities such as eating, washing, dressing and getting around, or for those who need a more supportive environment if they're more frail.

Nursing care

Someone may need nursing care if they have a certain physical condition or difficulties. This might include those with long-term conditions, those who need rehabilitation, or those with physical disabilities.

Dementia care

People living with dementia have different needs, so either a residential or nursing care home may be best, depending on each individual. Our experienced teams understand the challenges of living with dementia and are trained to look beyond the dementia diagnosis and to see the person, understand them, and help them live their lives as closely as possible to the way they always have.

Day care

This is for those who only need top-up care, from a bit of extra company during the day to help with tasks like eating or washing.

Layden Court Care Home also has a day-care service for visitors to enjoy all our activities, so they can spend time with friends in a safe and supportive environment.

"My hubby has been here nearly seven years and I have only praises about the staff (all) he has always been cared for kept clean, his dignity in tact. If I go away, I know David is being cared for as I would do. I visit David every day and I cannot thank everyone enough, to me Layden ticks all the boxes, thank you all so much. My thanks go also to the dinner ladies, laundry, cleaners."

Valerie Bartholemew, Wife of Resident/Service User at Layden Court Care Home