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Dementia Care Framework

The Four Seasons Dementia Care Framework

When a person lives with dementia some things might change, but not everything has to. That’s why, instead of focusing on the things a person can no longer do, we always explore the capabilities they still have. The things that make them smile.

Our award-winning Dementia Care Framework (DCF) is one example of the way we continue to look at healthcare challenges differently. It is a set of values and actions we follow to support Special Resident Experiences for those living with dementia and is aligned to over 300 national guidelines to create a consistently high standard of care across our homes. The key elements include:

Resident and Family Charters


Resident and Family Charters demonstrate our commitment and the actions we’ll take to protect residents’ rights, support families and provide the very best lived experience in our homes.

This includes things like continuously monitoring residents’ health and wellbeing, taking the time to get to know individuals and learn about their preferences, keeping residents and their families informed, providing opportunities for feedback and respecting end-of-life care wishes.

Our Resident and Family Charters

Resident Charter Family Charter



Colleague support and learning for everyone in the home including our ‘Dementia Experience’.

Alongside building relationships, specialist training and creating dementia-friendly environments, we support our colleagues to gain a better understanding of what living with dementia might be like.

Our Dementia Experience is a unique session that restricts the trainee’s vision, hearing and ability to concentrate before asking them to carry out simple everyday tasks. After the session many reflect positively on their experience, including having a better understanding, increased empathy and feeling able to offer support more effectively.

Accreditation for homes

All of our homes with dementia communities have become or are working towards becoming DCF Accredited, by completing all of the training and reaching the key dementia standards. Download our Dementia Care Framework brochure to find out more.

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