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Dementia Experience

The Four Seasons Dementia Experience

To help our teams get a better understanding of what it's like to live with dementia, 80% of our training is carried out face-to-face so we can provide the best care to residents in our homes.

This includes the ‘Four Seasons Dementia Experience’ which involves restricting your vision, hearing and ability to concentrate then asking you to carry out everyday tasks so you can get a sense of the frustration that those living with dementia often feel.


Anyone can take part in the Experience, including families with loved ones with dementia, care professionals and businesses and community groups who are working towards becoming dementia friendly. The experience has been specifically designed so that our team of experts can facilitate the sessions anywhere.

After the Experience, people often reflect back feeling better informed and aware, having greater empathy and understanding, and being able to make changes to their behaviour straight away, such as being more patient with those they’re caring for or come into contact with.

Everyone at Four Seasons Health Care from our Chief Executive to colleagues in our head office and those you’ll meet every day in our homes have taken part in the Experience, so as a company we can provide very best services for residents.

Hear what these people had to say after taking part in our Dementia Experience:   


Find out the other ways we promote positive dementia care here. If you’re interested in getting involved in the Experience, please email

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