I Notice Spring - a poem by L McNeilly

Below is a poem written by Laura McNeilly from Strangford Court Care Home in Downpatrick to celebrate World Poetry Day.

I Notice Spring

I notice spring, as there's green leaves on the trees,
And the nectar is collected by the striped honey bees.
The air is clear, the grass is green,
And outside nature becomes a picturesque scene.

I notice spring, as my surroundings are calm,
The are birds in the trees, and the sheep gave birth to a lamb.
Hibernation is ending, all the animals awake,
And there's no more collecting leaves with a rake.

I notice spring, as all the flowers start to bloom,
There are no more bare branches, and no more room,
As the flowerbeds fill up with gorgeous plants,
And as all of them are blown by the breeze, they begin to dance

I think of Spring as the time of year,
When nature starts over, and we interfere,
With the wonderful scenes of the Season days,
And our surroundings we can see, due to the sun's rays.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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