My poem about poetry - a poem by F Thompson

This poem was written by Freda Thompson who is a resident at Hallgarth Care Home in Durham.

My poem about Poetry

Its poetry group on a Wednesday,
Together we gather, minds ready to play,
The poems we learnt from the masters at school,
Come flooding back with rhyme and with rule.
We laugh at the memories of the old school yard,
The masters were strict and the cane was hard.
We talk of Wordsworth and his daffodils,
With memories of clouds and rolling green hills.
Shakespeare, to be, or perhaps not to be!
But I like the one about the rugged old tree.
We read poems that rhyme and those that do not,
We take them apart to discover the plot.
Sail ships and skylarks, flowers and cake,
Poems on everything, even some that we make.
With poem in one hand, and coffee in the other,
We laugh and enjoy the company of each other.
So join in the group, the time will fly past,
With poems and memories and good thoughts that will last.

Date published: 15 September 2017

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