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Our days - poem by residents at Charlton Park

This poem was written by the residents at Charlton Park Care Home in London.

Our days

When we was born we was born at home with no doctors or nurses just our own. In a community that all lived in one street with our aunts, uncles and grandparents we see. They all shared the load of caring for all. With keys on string and a cup of Rosie brewing to, life was hard but fun also.

Growing up was safe in our road with hop scotch, marbles and skipping among. While mum was scrubbing our door step with pride and cleaning the brass so it was shining like stars. The aroma of vinegar in the air we just sat there and stared with a warm fill in the air.

When we was 14 we had to work and leave school to earn a crust. The boys had to go into national service were it turnt them into geezers not girlies.Then when we courted and decided to marry we had no bloody money and had to be scroungers borrowing white wedding dresses from the family what was passed down and was pretty ugly.

We all started family’s and they started to grow and our little community started to go with new type of people and family’s to, London was brighter and liked a knees up to (we have a bit of a do).

Date published: 15 September 2017

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