Pets can make all of the difference at Care Homes

Animals have a calming effect on people. Whether you settle down and pet your cat or dog, cuddle a guinea pig or rabbit, your stresses ebb away as you relax.

Why should this be any different in care homes? To showcase the benefits of pet therapy Avonmead Care Home’s Home Manager Kevin Walsh and Personal Activities Leader Jayne, took to the Wiltshire airwaves to tell the people of Devizes and the surrounding areas about the benefits.

Kevin Walsh, Home Manger, said: “At Avonmead we have two Guinea Pigs. Every Friday the residents have cuddle time with them and have all sorts of fun. The residents have benefited enormously from having the guinea pigs, many of them had pets before they came to us, so having pets here gives Avonmead a real sense of home.

“I would recommend Pet Therapy to anyone working in care homes. Animals can open a resident up in more ways than a person sometimes can. It doesn’t have to be domesticated, ‘safe’ pets either, there are places out there that bring in more exotic creatures for residents to handle.”

Jayne, Personal Activities Leader, said: “Being on the radio was great fun. We even took one of the guinea pigs into the studio with us, so the presenter could meet them first hand, and experience pet therapy for themselves.”

Date published: 15 September 2017

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