Team at Carrickstone House commended for their care

Care Homes hit the news for all types of reasons. Mostly it's usually the horrible stories that you hear. However, one relative took the time to praise the care that the team at Carrickstone House in Glasgow gave to her mother.

The relative said: "The home couldn't do enough for mum and other residents in the ward. I am no expert, however seeing how hard the patients could be, including my mum, they always provided a service that would probably put most families to shame. I know most people would say that is just part of their job but I would totally disagree as the nursing and care staff always went way above the call of duty.

"As if they didn't have enough to do they looked after me and my family making sure that we were all coping with what was going on. They kept us informed but did it in a kind and considerate way. One word really describes them exceptional.

“From my family I would just like to say a massive Thank You."

Barbara McGoran, Home Manager, said: “We’re really humbled to hear such lovely words. The team here do a fantastic job, and every one of them loves the role they play in the home. I want to further commend the team here, who help us to create special experiences for our residents. I want to take this time to thank the team for coming to work and doing what they do best.

Michael Doolin, Resident Experience Regional Manager for Scotland, said: “I really enjoy receiving feedback like this, as it really does bring home the hard work and dedication our care teams do across the country. I want to congratulate Barbara and her team for being a fantastic example of a care home team. I can only encourage you to continue doing what you’re doing, as it’s clear that residents and their relatives alike do appreciate the work you’re doing. Well done Carrickstone House. This is very high praise indeed.”

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Date published: 15 September 2017

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