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The Collie Dug - poem for World Poetry Day

Below is a poem written by Majorie at Lunardi Court Care Home in Cupar to celebrate World Poetry Day.

The Collie Dug

(Written in Fife dialect)

I start my day at half past five
hat’s when the farm comes alive

The master whistles I cock my lug
Because I am a Collie Dug

O’er hills and glens the sheep we gather
A shepherd works in every weather

Fresh air works like a drug tae me
Tae this wee collie dug

I enjoy the climates swing
When lambs are gambolling in the spring

That jobs over, I feel so smug
I am a prood collie dug

In summer I am never dorty
At sheep dog trials I find my forte

When my master gies me a hug
I am a happy collie dug

Autumn brings the Harvest time
Nippy mornings frost and rime

For the sport I’ve got the bug
I’m a rabbit chasing collie dug

Though winters weathers no panic
Nature makes my coat grow thick

Though its cold I am always snug
I’m a contented Collie Dug

Sabbaths the day that I like best
We do our chores and have a rest

I curl up upon my rug
And thank you God I’m a collie dug

Date published: 15 September 2017

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