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1 Dec 2015

Bearehill Care Home in Brechin have recently been praised for their standards of care by the Care Inspectorate. They underwent a two day inspection and have been rated as ‘Good’ earlier this month.

The inspection is scored on four different areas; Quality of Care, Quality of Environment, Quality of Staffing and Quality of Management – all of which Bearehill were awarded grade four (Good) except Quality of Care in which they were rated as Adequate. Since their last inspection, it has been noted that everything is improving, especially the teamwork at the home. The report stated the management team have a good understanding and personal plans were in place to ensure residents got the individual care they needed and wanted.

Sylvia Nicoll, Regional Manager, told us “It’s great to receive reports like this – they’re extremely encouraging and rewarding to those working so hard in the home to ensure the care is of the highest standards”.

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1 Dec 2015

The Elms Care Home in Louth recently won our very own Four Seasons Health Care Garden competition which takes place annually for all of our homes. The Elms came away with gold for their fantastic beech themed garden that was created from scratch by the maintenance team and a little help from residents.

The team arranged a ceremony to present the award and certificates for those who played a part in creating such a great setting. Friends and families were invited to share the day with both residents and the team.

The Elms wanted to create an environment at the home in which residents could enjoy the ‘seaside’ without having to travel any further than their back garden. The beach was a great success over the summer and is an ideal setting for residents to relax in the fresh air and admire wildlife.

Tina Goodwin, Home Manager, told us “Well done to everyone who contributed to The Elms’ garden – it’s such a lovely area and it’s great to win gold in the garden competition. A lot of hard work and dedication went into the creation so it’s nice to give something back to the maintenance team and residents who helped. Thank you all!”

For information about working for Four Seasons Health Care please visit our careers section.

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