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22 Feb 2016

To celebrate the legendary Bob Marley, The Beaufort Care Home in Coventry transformed the home into a Caribbean paradise on the day of his birthday. The team dressed the home in Jamaican flags and provided some fancy dress for residents to have fun with.

As there are a few Bob Marley fans at the home, the team arranged a special tribute day on 6th Feb so they could celebrate his life and music. The home was decorated and the team provided traditional Caribbean food and drinks for everyone to taste. Reggae music was playing throughout the day and got residents up on their feet dancing and singing away. The team also had some fake dreadlocks which residents had fun trying on.

Tracey Marshall, Home Manager, told us “We had a wonderful day celebrating the great life of Bob Marley. Everyone enjoyed tasting the Caribbean food and drinks, and having a sing song. The dreadlocks were very popular and provided us all with some laughs”.

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22 Feb 2016

As part of Random Acts of Kindness day, 17th Feb, the team at Allander Court Care Home in Glasgow all took part in providing all sorts of kind acts throughout the day for both their colleagues and the residents at the home.

To kick start the day, Debbie Martin, Home Manager, treated the team to a special breakfast and coffee to set everyone up for the morning. One resident mentioned they fancied some chips for their lunch, so a member of the team took her to a local chip shop for some, despite the snow! The resident was overwhelmed by this and told us the chips were very tasty.

As another resident passed through the hallway, she heard a song she used to dance to when she was younger. She spoke about her memories of the song, so a team member asked her to dance whilst the song was playing. They gathered quite an audience whilst they danced gracefully around which got everyone’s emotions running.

Debbie told us “We all enjoyed our day of kindness – the dancing topped the day off and was so lovely to watch. We will definitely be keeping up the random acts of kindness throughout the year as they make such a difference to everyone’s happiness levels”.

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19 Feb 2016

To get everyone in the romantic spirit, The Maltings Care Home in Fakenham decided to invite a local Elvis impersonator to come and perform for the residents on Valentine’s Day. Everyone gathered for an afternoon of entertainment which brought many smiles to faces.

Residents and the team were up on their feet dancing and singing away with Elvis. Many people spoke about their memories of Elvis, especially relating to love and Valentine’s Day. Everyone laughed the day away and finished it off with a lovely Valentine’s meal.

Joanne Coker, Home Manager, told us “Elvis was in the building to serenade us all at The Maltings for Valentine’s day – we definitely felt ‘all shook up’ after the singing and dancing –there was smiles and laughter all round”.

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18 Feb 2016

The team at Bebington Care Home in Wirral have received an incredible amount of ROCK Awards for their care and dedication after being nominated by a relative who has always been supported by them through a difficult time.

Rachael Junge, Managing Director for the North West, presented the awards to the team at a special awards ceremony at the home. The whole team was nominated for the ROCK Award alongside Peter Bigyan, Kayleigh McAllister, Becky Crangle, Debbie Williams, Caitlin Sagar, Ray Atkinson, Nicky Milner, Colette Mckweon, Nick Austin, Nadia Kazimi and John Davies.

A ROCK award is a nationwide honour that specifically highlights the impact a Four Season Health Care employee has made on the lives of people living in one of their care homes. Team members are nominated for an award by residents, their relatives or friends, who have witnessed or experienced team members demonstrating excellent standards of care and kindness in their role.

Clare Sullivan, Home Manager, told us “I’m extremely proud and happy to have these people on the team here at Bebington. The care they provide is outstanding which has been proven with their ROCK Nominations. They are all so supportive and compassionate to everyone here at the home, and also family members. Well done Bebington!”

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18 Feb 2016

Ross Wyld Care Home in Walthamstow was recently lucky enough to have the Connaught Opera come and perform at the home. With many opera lovers in the home, the team thought it would be a great idea to bring the opera to Ross Wyld.

The Connaught Opera group visited the home last week and sang beautifully to the residents for the afternoon. The performers were spectacular and residents loved the powerful voices. It even got some residents up on their feet dancing through the performance.

Gabriele Jerome, Home Manager, told us “Everyone loved having the Connaught Opera here at Ross Wyld – the residents really enjoyed themselves as did the team! We’ll definitely be inviting them again”.

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