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10 Jan 2017

You could cut the tension with a knife at Flower Park Care Home in Doncaster as residents took each other on in a number of festive themed competitions.

Whether it was a serene game of dominoes or an energetic bingo session, the residents were all trying their best to be crowned champion.

Amanda Searle, Home Manager, said: “The residents here like playing games, and once a bit of competition is added to the mix, they love it. No one wants to lose, and they are all trying to outwit each other so they can be crowned the Flower Park Champion.

“Providing activities like these can sometimes take residents back to their younger years when they may have had similar experiences with their friends and family. It really makes a difference to their lives here in Flower Park, as no one deserves to be bored. Just because you live in a care home, doesn’t mean the fun should stop.”

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9 Jan 2017

Residents from Morcambe Bay Care Home in Broadway, Morecambe had lots of fun over the festive period.

Kelly O’Connor, Home Manager, said: “We’ve had lots of local entertainers in covering a variety of entertainment from singing and dancing to magic, this has kept everyone in high spirits. Residents made their own mince pies, with the odd sherry not making it into the mixture.

“The residents also popped to the local garden centre taking in their Christmas display which this year was dedicated to Wallace and Gromit. It was definitely the best Christmas we’ve had here at Morcambe Bay. Bring on next Christmas.”

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9 Jan 2017

On Thursday 15th December 2016, Hallgarth Care Home in Durham had the pleasure of welcoming one Rainbow, 12 Brownies, 15 Guides, a Brown Owl and Pack Leaders for an evening carol concert.

Angela Muir, Home Manager, said: “Everyone gathered for the concert eager to see the children and join in with the carols. Song sheets were all around the home, and old and new carols were sung with gusto. The group did a special rendition of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ featuring Brown Owl and the Brownie and Guide promises. The children had made handmade cards for all of our residents which were placed with pride in their room.”

Jennie Studham, a resident at Hallgarth revealed that she was a Brownie over 75 years ago, and can still remember her Brownie promise which she recited with pride.

Hallgarth is also home to its very own Brown Owl Joan Grayson. She said: “Seeing all of the children has brought back some lovely memories. Being a brown owl is not an easy job. You always have to be at least one step ahead of the children at all times, whilst having eyes in the back of your head.”

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9 Jan 2017

Residents at Flower Park Care Home in Doncaster were treated to a gift from Father Christmas and his little helper after he heard them singing beautiful Christmas carols.

Amanda Searle, Home Manager, said: “All of the residents took part in our carol service which saw them perform to their family and friends. It was beautiful to see and hear. What we didn’t realise was that Father Christmas himself was keeping an eye on us and he heard us singing.

“We were all surprised when he came walking through the door at Flower Park to spend time with us. He visited each resident individually, gave them a special present and posed for pictures. It really made a difference to the residents’ day and they were all sad to see him leave. We’re all hoping he pops in this year now, we’ll have a surprise waiting for him.”

After Father Christmas left, residents and their families took part in a festive quiz, which saw a bit of competiveness to see who could name all of the reindeer.

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9 Jan 2017

It’s always nice to wake up Christmas morning, and spend the special day with your loved ones.

However, for many people this isn’t always possible, as their profession mean they are needed by others on this day, just like any other.

The team at Bamford Grange Care Home in Stockport didn’t let work dampen their Christmas spirit. They celebrated the day alongside residents dressed in festive outfits adding to the theme.

Nicola Hughes, Home Manager, said: “Everyone had a lot of fun on Christmas Day. There was lots of present giving, and activities going on to keep everyone entertained. We all had a lovely day, it was nice to spend it having fun with the residents we care for, making a difference to their Christmas morning.”

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